The Smoke Screen Sentinel range has been designed and manufactured for permanent installation either as a fully integrated part of an intruder alarm system or as a stand-alone system. The range comprises some of the most advanced security smoke generators in the world.

The new, precision cast aluminium heater block offers high performance levels and reliability. This translates to a more impressive volume of drier fog (no residue) that lasts for even longer.

The Sentinel S35 is the smallest Smoke Screen in the Sentinel range. Its compact size and impressive performance make the S35 suitable for almost any application, where fast acting thieves may strike.

New PCB technology, ergonomic connectors and multi-bracket design make installation easy and straightforward. Other features such as the internal battery back-up and a multi-nozzle system make the S35 incredibly versatile.



S35 Brochure

• 5-year warranty
• 55 second initial burst for maximum smoke generation in risk critical areas
• Off-mains operational capability
• Energy save mode cuts costs in periods when the generator is not immediately needed
• Supports automatic re-firing via screen-sensor technology
• Extreme temperature operation: -10°C to 50°C

• 4 inputs and 7 outputs
• LCD status display and on-board event log

• Rugged and compact steel casing in pure white
• Environmental pack for installation in confined spaces with elevated ambient temperatures
• Aluminium heater block allows use of most persistent smoke chemical

• EN50131:8 and IEC62642:8
• CNPP Rating: Class I Category 30

• 500ml/5000ml fluid system

• 37.9(H)* x 14(D) x 23.2(W) cm *add 0.5cm for feet
• Weight: 9.62 kg (pre-install), 11.02 kg (installed)