Single loop analogue-addressable fire detection control panel

The compactness, simple end-user operation, trouble-free installation and uncomplicated programming procedures make this highly competitive control panel ideal for small applications that require first rate performance. It is exactly this market segment that the SmartLight control panel finds its niche.

It is perfect for those applications which require a limited number of detectors yet call for the reliability and performance that only analogue-addressable systems can provide. With this application typology in mind, SmartLight is a valid alternative to conventional systems.

The SmartLight control panel is based on OpenLoop technology. Thanks to the many protocols supported by its detection Loop, SmartLight is capable of managing a wide range of detectors and accessory devices and thus offers maximum flexibility and easeof- use.

LOOPMAP and VERSA++ technology combined with ENEA series devices make this control panel a state-of-the-art tool which forms the basis of secure, professional installations capable of satisfying every need. SmartLight provides 2 supervised alarm outputs (alarm and fault) for the connection of audible-visual signaling devices, a powersupply output for ancillary devices and an output for the activation of external dialers. The control panel manages an ample spectrum of status signals: alarm, pre-alarm, fault, monitor, early warning, bypass, test, etc. SmartLight manages an RS485 BUS for remote connections. The BUS supports 4 remote repeater panels (SmartLetUSee/LCD-Lite) which replicate all the fire-alarm system data and control panel functions. The BUS also supports 2 power-supply stations and allows the control panel to supervise their functions and activate (deactivate) their outputs during predefined conditions. Programming the system from the control panel is straightforward and trouble-free thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions on the graphic display. The system can also be configured from a PC using INIM's user-friendly software, the pre-set data can be downloaded via an RS232 serial connection. This method makes greatly speeds up the system configuration and startup phases.




  • Single-loop analogue-addressable control panel
  • Certified EN54-2/EN54-4
  • Certified EN12094-1 (Fire extinction)
  • VERSA++ Technology (ample range of sensitivity and operative modes)
  • LOOPMAP Technology (automatic wiring reconstruction and addressing capabilities)
  • Supports 240 devices (64 for 'S' model)
  • Manages 30 zones (16 for 'S' model)
  • Manages SmartLetLoose/ONE Fire Extinction board (EN12094-1 compliant accessory item)
  • Supports 4 remote repeater panels
  • Supports 2 power-supply stations (SmartLevel)
  • 1 supervised alarm output (NAC)
  • 1 output for communication device activation (dialers)
  • 1 supervised fault output
  • 1 dry-contact fault output
  • 1 power-supply output for external devices
  • Battery shutdown relay for deep discharge conditions
  • Backlit graphic display for easy management of installer/user interface
  • Navigation keys for easy access to graphic display functions
  • Fast keys (Silence, Reset, Evacuate, Investigate)
  • RS485 BUS for repeater panel and power-supply station (SmartLevel) connections
  • Buzzer (provides audible signals)
  • 8 Timers
  • 8 Logical equations
  • RS232 connector for programming via PC
  • Programming software
  • Easy system programming from the control panel
  • Access key for level 2 functions (EN54 compliant)
  • Battery charge optimization (via thermal probe)
  • Battery efficiency test
  • Extensive application of SMD reflux technology for higher reliability
  • Metal enclosure
  • Mains power supply 230Vac
  • Switching power supply/battery charger 1.4A @ 27.6Vdc
  • Battery housing for two 7Ah, 12V batteries
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 325x325x80mm
  • Weight (without batteries): 3Kg
Enea Series

Intelligent addressable analogue detector ENEA series detectors, as a result of advanced technologies based on new-generation microprocessors, represent the most advanced technology that fire detection equipment can offer today. They provide a vast spectrum of options and flexible functions, all configurable from the control panel (Versa++ technology). ENEA series detectors are capable of implementing a sophisticated set of algorithms, custom created by INIM™'s R&D professionals, which ensure unequalled reliability and the highest immunity to false alarms. Thanks to INIM™'s leading-edge LoopMap technology, you can now connect to the control panel by means of a computer or EDRV1000 driver and reconstruct the exact installation topology and obtain an easy-to-use, interactive loop layout map which greatly simplifies and speeds up searches relating to faults and maintenance work. These detectors have passed - with flying colours - all the tests taken at the LPCB test facility, the prestigious English certification service. And, thus hold the right to use this mark in addition to the obligatory CPD certification for the commercialization of fire detectors.

EB0010 Detector base

EB0010 Detector base

Detector base accommodates IRIS and ENEA series detectors, equipped with short-circuit plate which ensures continuity in the event of removal of the detector from the line.
EB0020 Relay base

EB0020 Relay base

Relay base with a single relay which activates when the detector senses an alarm. The relay base allows you to interface the detector with intrusion control panels in domestic applications.
ED100 Optical smoke detector

ED100 Optical smoke detector

The ED100 optical smoke detector is based on the Tyndall effect (diffusion of light) and provides first-rate early warning in the event of fire. It offers wide-spectrum detection of smoke particles generated by the majority of fires. The newly designed optical chamber with sealed upper-part and 500 μm holes diameter mesh insect screen ensure high immunity to false alarms. The sensitivity can be configured to suit a wide range of applications (sensitivity configurable as: 0.08dB/m; 0.10dB/m; 0.12dB/m; 0.15dB/m).
ED200 Heat detector

ED200 Heat detector

The ED200 heat detector can be configured in the following modes: A1R mode (fixed threshold at 58°C with thermovelocimetric detection); B mode (fixed threshold at 72°C); A2S mode (fixed threshold at 58°C); BR mode (fixed threshold at 72°C with thermovelocimetric detection). As a result of high flexibility, this detector is useful in places where the environment is dusty or smoky and the risk of false alarms is high.
ED300 Smoke and Heat detector

ED300 Smoke and Heat detector

The ED300 smoke and heat detector has new smoke and temperature sensing technologies. As a result, this improved reliability detector responds well to all types of fires (especially to fast burning blazing fires involving inflammable liquids, which produce a limited amount of smoke) and is highly immune to false alarms. The ED300 can be set to the sensitivity mode which best suits the application.
EC0020 Intelligent Manual callpoint

EC0020 Intelligent Manual callpoint

  • Addressable callpoint
  • Manual callpoint with resettable element operated by plastic key (included)
  • Warning flag and LED confirms activation
  • Selectable resistence
EC0020 Intelligent Manual callpoint

EC0010E Intelligent Manual callpoint for outdoor installation (IP67)

  • Addressable callpoint
  • Manual callpoint with resettable element. Weatherproof to IP67, suitable for outdoor installation

ES0010RE Addressable loop-powered sounder

ES0010RE Addressable loop-powered sounder unit in red enclosure. The loop-powered ES0010RE connects directly to the loop. Weatherproof to IP67, suitable for outdoor installation.

ES0020RE Addressable loop-powered sounder/beacon

ES0020RE Addressable loop-powered sounder/beacon unit in red enclosure. The loop-powered ES0020RE connects directly to the loop. Weatherproof to IP67, suitable for outdoor installation.
ESB010 Sounder base

ESB010 Sounder base

To be installed under EB0010 mounting base. It connects to the remote output of the detector and is powered directly through the loop. The conditions of activation can be configured from the control panel.
ESB020 Sounder base and beacon

ESB020 Sounder base and beacon

To be installed under EB0010 mounting base. It connects to the remote output of the detector and is powered directly through the loop. The conditions of activation can be configured from the control panel.

EM312SR Intelligent input/output module

The EM312SR connects directly to the loop and is equipped with a supervised input (capable of controlling the status of external devices), a supervised output (capable of driving of one or more audible/visual signalling devices) and a voltage free output (capable of driving all types of external devices, for example, electromagnets, etc).

EM110 Intelligent input module

The EM110 connects directly to the loop and is equipped with a supervised input (capable of controlling the status of external devices).

EU311 Intelligent micromodule

The EU311 MicroModule, due to its reduced-size, can be housed directly inside the enclosure of the device it controls (callpoint, sounderflasher, beam detector, etc.), it connects directly to the loop and is equipped with a supervised input (capable of controlling the status of a device), a loop-powered output (capable of driving of one audible/visual signalling devices).


Remote repeater panel equipped with display and user-interface keypad (up to 4 for each control panel)


Fire extinction board. Provides control panel with a Fire Extinction Gas control capabilities. Certified CPD- EN12094-1.


Power-supply station. Connectable to the RS485 BUS (for supervision and management of the control panel power-supply-station outputs.