Lunar DT

The LuNAR RK150DTG3 is the ultimate ceiling motion detector for professional installations, incorporating both Anti-Mask and Anti-Cloak™ Technologies (ACT™).  Built-in end-of-line (EOL) resistors are included to to simplify the installation.

The detector features a 110º wide-angle Fresnel lens, providing 360º coverage

LuNAR™ DT AM Grade 3 Brochure

Active IR for Anti-mask in DT and PIR Detectors
  • 360° low profile ceiling mount Grade 3
  • Coverage 12m (40’) diameter
  • Dual technology (MW and PIR)
  • Anti-Cloak Technology (ACT™)
  • Green Line™ for disabling the MW during disarm
  • Active IR Anti-Mask
  • Built-in Triple EOL resistors, jumper selectable
  • Cover and back tampers
  • Low profile design
  • Model names: RK150DTG3 LuNAR DT AM Grade 3